Wilderness Clinic

On-Standby 24/7 to give deliver exceptional care to patients.

About Wilderness Clinic

Our medical team has expertise in wilderness medicine and are on-standby 24/7 to deliver exceptional care to the patients.


Doctor En Route

Our Wilderness Medical Clinic provides medical personnel/team to accompany a person or group of persons in expeditions, tourism adventures, hunting, and other similar activities, to provide medical care and ensure health and safety during such activities.


Pre & Post Climb Consultation

Our experts provide medical consultations to mountaineers prior to climb, etting them ready for the Kilimanjaro Adventure. Clients come by the clinic or doctores can visit them at hotels or lodges.


Hotel & Home Medical Consultations

We also offer general medical consultations at the hotel, clinic, home or working area.

Want To Know More?

Don’t hesitate to call us. We are available 24/7.


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