Chartered Flights

Hire our helicopter for different use with a temporary branding advantage.

About Chartered Flights

Our chartered flights services allow you to hire our helicopter for different use with a temporary branding advantage. You can now have a pilot and helicopter at your service for:

VIP Transfer

Do you want to get to the next destination on a short notice but in a private and comfortable flight? We offer Executive helicopter pickups and drop ups from specific destinations. No request is too big or complex, give us your time and destination, fly above rush-hour traffic and the long lines at the airport or the back-and-forth immigration process.

Aerial Survey

There is no better way of getting the best 360 degree of a location and distance than using the most diverse and practical tool for aerial survey and assessment. Helicopter is the most cost effective and efficient way to make your project more realistic and result oriented.

Crew Transfer

Experience simple solution when you need it mostly. Kili MedAir is your right choice for your safely crew transfers when shuttling crews to and from offshore facilities, transfer your crew to a remote location, or extend the help of medical doctors to a remote area.

Precious Cargo Transfer

Fly over road-traffics and save time from point A to B for your precious cargo or important component parts. Book a helicopter for safety, secured and fast transfer of your goods. Our helicopter fleet is ideal for transferring variety of goods weights and exclusivity.

Filming and Photography

Are you a fond of aerial photography? Kili MedAir allow you to enjoy sights take quality pictures and videos, the helicopter is flown at any safe heights, whether lower or higher you can guarantee you job done with quality and efficiency.

Lifting and Sling Operations

We provide you with helicopter services suitable for your lifting needs whether it be in remote access, ocean, lakes, harbor ports, national parks or lifting construction materials to ensure your load is safely lifted and transported where normal methods are simply not applicable to the desired operation.


Tanzania has been into serious campaign on fighting anti-poaching and illegal wildlife trafficking to ensure that the country is free from it. Kili MedAir values and supports Tanzania’s government by providing the ideal and convenient means of spotting and surveying areas in which poaching is practiced and allow more access to remote locations.


for an exceptional hunting experience, safe, fast and convenient access to remote wilderness areas in Tanzania, Kili MedAir gives you a suitable solution by providing you with helicopters to suit your hunting needs. we tailor services according tour desires and our experienced pilots with fly you to your desired hunting destinations.

Flying Banners & Advertising

Be unique, easily recognized and talked about by letting people look skyward on aerial billboards, logo boards, letter banners or sky writing. This can be executed by our dedicated team of pilots using helicopter enlisted to create or display message during marketing campaigns for your organization, media content distribution, and advertising.

Personal Events

Do you wish to ask your wife to be in an eccentric style with beautiful pictures and memories for a lifetime why not take it in the sky? Get an incredible wedding ceremony for you and your wife /husband with touch of love. You can now Celebrate your love story with beautiful memories and adventures as love birds in the sky on your anniversary

Interested in Chartered Flights

Give us a call to hire our helicopter for different use with a temporary branding advantage.


Kili MedAir Aviation Limited provides you with most reliable and effective Helicopter services.



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