Medical Evacuation

Kili MedAir is dedicated to making sure your safety by providing a dependable and effective helicopter evacuation in any emergency case.

About Evacuation

We provide reliable and efficient helicopter evacuation in any distress situation, Kili MedAir is committed to ensure your safety when you are enjoying a beautiful adventure at Mount Kilimanjaro. 

Mt. Kilimanjaro helicopter evacuations are covered by travel insurance, clients can book reliable insurance to cover their safety, and the insurance should cover up to 6000 meters above sea level. 

In case a client has no proper insurance, they will be obligated to pay after a successful evacuation and we will prepare the necessary medical reports/paperwork for them to claim later from their insurance.

In Case of Emergency, our emergency call Centre number is 0800110172.


We are your competent partner when patients need transfer inside and outside the country, for specialized treatment. The patient will always be accompanied by experienced medical personnel during the flight.

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