• Helicopter Services
    in Tanzania

    Tanzania has a growing need for private Air Tax Services, we provide helicopter services from Tourism industry, entertainment,  to private sectors and government entities. 

  • Reliable and effective
    Helicopter services

    With a base in Moshi Tanzania, we provide you with the best, convenient, affordable and comfortable helicopter services

  • Affordable & Convinient

    Kili MedAir also provides you with the best, convenient, affordable and comfortable helicopter services in a most reliable and professional manner

    Get to Know Us

    About Us

    Kili MedAir Aviation Company Limited provides you with the most reliable and effective Helicopter services. With a base in Moshi Tanzania, we conduct search and rescue services on Mount Kilimanjaro and other Tanzania National Parks.

    We run Kili MedAir Polyclinic which serves as a Wilderness Medicine clinic for mountaineers. Reliability and safety drive our everyday operations that provide you with a variety of Emergency services to help you in case of distress.

    Our Services

    You can always count on us to delivering world class customer service.

    Helicopter Evacuation

    Ensuring Safety for mountaineers and Safari goers in case of distress. You can rely on us for efficient evacutation

    Scenic Flights

    Our scenic helicopter flights will take you on an exploration and discover the beauty of Tanzania.

    Chartered Flights

    You can hire our helicopter for a different use with a temporary branding advantage

    Medicine Clinic

    Kilimedair medical team has expertise in wilderness medicine and are on standby 24/7.


    Do you need recurring helicopter services, join our membership program for affordable rates.

    What makes us Different

    We are accountable and take responsibility for all our decisions and actions.

    Your Reliable Partner

    We are just one call away from providing you with safer and reliable world-class customer experience, you can always count on us when in need of helicopter services

    Professional Expertise

    All our staff are the best in what they do, your safety is in good hands of highly trained and experienced professionals.

    Personalized Service

    We understand you have specific desires and wishes. We make them come to life by our personalized approach tailored to meet your needs. We give outmost care

    Ethics and Compliance

    We work under high levels of ethical business and integrity, ensuring all safety requirements and complying with authority standards are met.

    Customer Care
    Medical Help

    Covered With Your Insurance

    You need travel Insurance that includes Medical Evacuation Coverage up to 6,000 meters above sea level.

    The risk of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) increases above 2800 Meters, as do the costs of emergency medical services and evacuation.

    Yes, you can always count on us to help you in case of distress. In case you lack proper insurance coverage, you will be subjected to pay for evacuation costs after you have recovered.

    YES,before starting climbing mt.kilimanjaro,you need to submit your insurance details to your tour operator by filling the climbing manifest form..this will help us to shorten the emergency response protocal

    Yes, you can! After placing your order you will receive an order confirmation via email. Each order starts production 24 hours after your order is placed. Within 72 hours of you placing your order, you will receive an expected delivery date.

    Are You A Tour Operator?

    Looking to add Value to your business? Kili MedAir gives you lots of advantages, from which you can benefit. reach out to us today to know more.


    Kili MedAir Aviation Limited provides you with most reliable and effective Helicopter services.



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