Chartered Flights

Our chartered flights services allow you to hire our helicopter for different use with a temporary branding advantage. For helicopter chartered flights, the charges start from USD 2,700 per hour, which includes five seating capacity (5 pax) pilot excluded. We fly only in daylight (sunrise/sunset) and if the pickup and drop off are not where the helicopter is based (Moshi/Arusha) then we will charge the hours cost of positioning and repositioning of the helicopter.

You can now have a pilot and helicopter at your service for:

  • VIP Transfer
  • Aerial Survey
  • Crew Transfer
  • Lifting and sling Operations
  • Filming and Photography
  • Anti-poaching
  • Hunting
  • Precious Cargo Transfer
  • Personal Events

Request For A Chartered Flight

Kili MedAir

Kili MedAir Aviation Limited provides most reliable, affordable and efficient Helicopter services in Tanzania. We provide helicopter services for search and rescue missions on Mt. Kilimanjaro as well as medical evacuations, wilderness clinics, private chartered flights for scenic adventures and private functions.