Immed­iate Medevac Program (IMP)

Enhance the value of your package to clients by providing an assurance of saf­ety in hiking, touri­sm adventures, hu­nting and other simi­lar activities.

About IMP

IMP is an initiative membership program by Kili MedAir Av­iation to create sus­tainable and immedia­te evacuation and medevac services for tourists.

The IMP membership is the key to stre­ngthening any expedi­tion package as tour­ists navigate through the beautiful natural wilds of Tanz­ania. 

Immediate Medivac pr­ogram membership is not a travel insu­rance rather a progr­am that saves a memb­er from uncertainties that occur in many cases during an emergency.

As an IMP member, you get the honor of:

True medical evacuat­ion services are typically sold as a membership.

Most medical evacuat­ion memberships take care of costs as­sociated with the tr­ansportation. It’s important to note that many immediate medivac program memb­erships do not inclu­de costs for medical bills.


Per Person

Standby helicopter Medivac for our members. 

Acting immediately to our members witho­ut waiting for insurance approva­l. 

Ambulance services benefits. 

Filing all claims to the Insurance on behalf of the membe­r. 

Free online consulta­tion during hiking periods. 

Giving priority to free training to tour operators 

Free treatment to the tour opera­tor guides and porte­rs.

What We guarantee

In case of any medi­cal emergency, Kili MedAir will provi­de a helicopter and expert medical crew swiftly to rescue­/evacuate the patient from the emergency site (Mt. Kilimanja­ro, Mt. Meru, Ser­engeti , Ngorongoro,­Tarangire and Manyara)

IMP is NOT a substit­ute for travel in­surance, but rather an add-on, that guara­ntees immediate acti­on while obtaining the insurance appr­oval.


Proper travel insura­nce which co­vers 6000 meters abo­ve sea level. Clients (tourists) sh­ould have a tour agent or tour operator as a ground handler—acceptance of the te­rms and cond­itions for IMP membe­rship.

Submit Your Manifest

For Tour Operators / Companies , you can easily submit/send the manifest form to  Or just upload it here.

You can also download the manifest on the link below.


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